Suggestion for new thermostat

Hi everyone,

I have a HASS installation with only zwave devices (about 30).
I have a thermostat that control underfloor heating system.
Now I plan to change this old thermostat with one that I can control with HASS.

Have you got any suggestion ?

Bye Mirko

There are a number of threads related to this:

Unsure more details about your under-floor system, but assuming it’s anything close to using a ‘regular’ thermostat, hopefully the above link to a # of similar threads helps.

Thanks, I lookad at your google search and now I have a lot to read.

Sorry but I’m new to HomeAssistant world :grinning:

Under Floor or radiant floor heating is still somewhat of a niche area for thermostat’s. One that I use and recommend is the NuHeat Signature. It’s Wifi, uses a cloud API but has a component for HASS. It’s also expensive.

Floor heating is specifically different as the thermostat needs to have a floor probe to prevent overheating the flooring material and warping/damaging it.


esp8266 with relay and DS18b20 temp probe(or probes). maybe $40USD

You can also use a RasPi GPIO with same relays and probes.

Since you already have zwave maybe you can just use zwave switch/relay and temp temp probes