Suggestion for raspberry

i’m evaluating Home Assistant on windows, i like it! So now I would like to buy Raspberry to run it properly. I would like to buy the last version B+ and run both HASS and other linux app (for example Kodi).
HASS is supported on B+ only on Hassbian but I don’t know if Hassbian is good to run other things in addiction to HASS.
Alternatively I could install Raspbian official release but I don’t know if HASS would run correctly on it.
Any suggestion ?

Many thanks

Hassbian is Raspbian with Home Assistant already installed.

Why wouldn’t it? Home Assistant is a Python application, there is nothing special in Hassbian or HASSIO that Home Assistant REQUIRES, and it will happily run on Raspbian just fine, since Hassbian is just Raspbian with Home Assistant pre-installed. :wink:

Home Assistant will run on standard raspbian just fine. I don’t know that you will have a very good experience trying to run Hass and Kodi however.

thanks for the answers. Then, if I can buy B+, install raspbian and install hass, I don’t understand this warning:

Support for the Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ is available in the alternative installation method Hassbian. The recently released Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ is not yet supported by


Simple, no one’s built a image for the B+, hassio is a prebuilt docker like system so needs tailoring to a specific model. Hassbian on the other hand sets up everything from scratch so takes the model it’s installing on into account as it goes.

Definitely recommend hassio if you’re a beginner or non coding type so either get an older 3 or wait. As others have said, get another one for Kodi.

Get it, thanks!

Very plainly, you can use a 3B+ with Hassbian, as stated.

There isn’t a hassio image for the 3B+.

Don’t confuse hassio with Home Assistant. Home Assistant is the application, and HASSIO is the “Appliance OS” that has Home Assistant built in.