Suggestion for slider/dimmer control

Instead of +/- buttons for dimming, volume control, temperature setpoint etc, I would prefer some kind of sliding interaction. However, I see the challenge of implementing a slider in the small widgets.

What about gesture control, where the user starts by pressing the widget, and then slides a distance in either direction? The distance determines the value set.

Hi there -

I hate the current dimmer widget and have been planning on doing something better for a while - my current plan is to have a large popup come up when you touch the dimmer with a decent sized slider.


Can’t wait! Trying to hit ± always triggers on/off for me… :frowning:

Maybe a large single circle/area towards the bottom that brings up the slider window? I don’t want to lose one touch on off.

Wonder if there is a way to maybe do a long depress to bring up the secondary.

as long as the new version isnt there you could use bigger size widgets to have better control.

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