Suggestion for the admins of ESPHome category

I have improvement idea for this community category.
There is a large set of code resources for components that are not catalogue in anyway today and after much searching can be found by pull requests and google searches.
Would it be possible to create a sub category or new category for ESPHome custom components & example configs where people can easily shared there work via github urls etc. I found due to the quality processes (which I agree with and understand) to get an custom component approved to be included in the esphome release requires a significant level of extra effort over and above just building a functional component. EG code generation / validation and documentation.
Happy to be pushed back on, but given we all in general have day jobs so time to tinker is short this would be a great way to give the community a boost and provide a wealth of resources for newbies.

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I put the ESPHome projects I share in

@tom_l This is a bit of a jungle of all sorts of content. EG if you search for custom component you get HA integrations not ESPHome components. What I was suggesting was a dedicated category for ESPHome custom components & a separate category for device configs. This could help in cutting down the posts to the main ESPHome category for help because the lack of detailed documentation on ESPHome site for custom components. Of course you will always get the lazy ones who are looking for someone to write their code for them but at least they could be pointed to these new categories.