Suggestion of kWh 3P smart meter

Hi guys,

My property is getting upgraded from One to Three Phase power line by the energy grid provider. With this i need to re-do my energy circuit breaker. I would like to take the chance to install a smart kWh 3P meter that has good integration with home-assistant and as plus good flexibility in terms of API/integration etc.
I live in the Netherlands.

Does someone has a suggestion of such product or has experience with these kind of products?

Thanks for reading!


Hi Leandro, maybe I misunderstood your question. In that case, forget my answer.
In the Netherlands, the energy provider installs only so-called SmartMeters with a RJ11 socket where you can plugin a “Slimme meter kabel” that you can connect to the USB port of your HA installation.
In HA you can use an integration called DSMR Slimme Meter that will monitor all your smartmeter data including gas consumption if that is connected.

I think you got the right question :slight_smile: Thanks for the answer!
I didn’t knew that they install a energy meter with well known protocol. Interesting :slight_smile:
I was planning to install something after the meter, in circuit board itself but this seems a more elegant solution since also includes gas consumption. Not sure if is necessary to ask, maybe a silly question is this legal or warranty compliant if I connect my own hardware in the meter?
I don’t have my HA hardware running very close to the meter, any ideas how to work around this?


there are WiFi-enabled P1 cables too. See

See also DSMR Slimme Meter - Home Assistant for all the options.