Suggestion on power supply to the wall mount tablet

Hi, I have setup the my tablet with Lovelace UI to use as wall mount display. There is no power outlet/electrical switch near the place where I want to install the wall mount tablet. So, I bought a 10 meter USB-TypeC charging cable and thinking to route it from the nearest power outlet to my tablet.

However, it has significant current drops with 5V/2A charger (from 2A with normal length cable to 0.38A with this 10 meter cable) and it does not sufficient to charge up the battery. I know there will be voltage drop with long cable but didn’t expect this worst.

Is there any other option I can power up my wall mount tablet?

Did you find a solution? I think there is not much choice that going up in voltage and have a local regulator. For example, PoE or a transformer to get 24V AC or more to the tablet and have a local regulator to get 5V.