Suggestion regarding Energy Dashboard (show kWh solar usage)

I love the energy Dashboard, but miss a display to know from my consumption, which percentagea and kWhs was from solar and which from grid. Percentage is already displayed as a yellow/blue ring around “Home”, but without number value. I’m interested in the consumed kWh of my Home from solar and grid, just like in “Grid”, where I see the consumption from grid and the export to grid. Nowhere I directly see the solar consumption kWh, I need to calculate solar production minus export or home consumption minus grid import. Do I overlook it? How do you do this? For me this value is essential.

The big displayed percentage of how much I consume from my solar production “self consumed solar energy” is almost of no importance and also “returned to the grid” in kWh is not of use for me. → do I read them wrong? Maybe this is nice for small solar setups?

Next idea: Good I can monitor consumption of single devices! Would it be possible to display their consumption of solar vs grid with additional yellow bar and show the percentage? I (and everyone) with solar wants to use single devices mostly with solar (pool heating, etc.). This would show him, how good one is. Maybe this would be guesswork, but it could start with the % of solar vs grid consumption for every hour of consumption. This data is present.

Thanks for your feedback how to handle energy dashboard, what you think of my idea and where I need to place it…

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