Suggestion: template scratchpad


just playing around for 1 day with Home Assistant, so maybe it’s too early for my suggestion.

If you change the value_template in the config file,

  • you can check the config file for validity (Ok that’s nice)
  • you have to restart the HAS-server to test your value_template (that’s terrible)
  • the value_template syntax seems not easy to me (at this moment) nor could I find a good definition of this syntax

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a scratchpad in which you can test value_template and maybe other functionalities ?

best regards, Stef

There is. In the left pane of the frontend you will see Developer Tools at the bottom. Below that, the fourth icon gets you to the Templates page. You can enter templates there and it will evaluate them for you. A wonderful way to test templates which you will find very handy. BTW, if you enter something wrong, and there is an error, oftentimes the result will just be blank, although it does also often print an error message. You can also look at the Info page (the last Developer Tool icon) and there might be a more detailed error message there.

Yes, some of this takes some time to fully learn and understand, but it will come in time. :slight_smile:

I’d like that ‘scratchpad’ to remember what was there last time I used it.
Not a big deal but as we’re on the topic :slight_smile:

great !!
that’s what I’m looking for.