Suggestions for hub when using Qnap HA setup

Hi All,

I hope this is in the right section.

I currently have a Qnap server running HA but I am looking at buying a controller like VeraPlus or Smarthings.

Please could you all offer me some advice of the pros and cons you have all had with different products etc?

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Mike - I would move this to Configuration and also change the title to “Suggestions for hub to use with QNAP HA setup”

The only opinion I can offer is that there is a component for the Vera hub but there aren’t any components listed for Smartthings. That might be the answer right there. :wink:

@rpitera cheers again buddy. Took your advice. That’s exactly what I have been looking at but have also read some bad reviews about Vera.

I am open to suggestions even down to moving it raspberry pi system if that will work better than Qnap but that seems to be ok so fair apart from needing to upgrade the system via SSH etc I’m struggling with via Qnap



I’m pretty happy moving from a Windows HA setup to my new Pi. I haven’t used Linux much so it was a real memory jog but the video by @brusc and the AIO installer script really made it easy. I bought everything from the links in Ben’s YouTube video and it came to about $78 USD. I used his links because I know he invests a lot of time and money into producing these extremely helpful videos and blog entries and I hope that it will defray some of those costs. He is a really helpful guy and always willing to respond to questions or tutorial suggestions.

Here’s the link to his video - the link to the installer script and hardware is in the video description along with a config file for Samba and some other goodies. Everything you need to get started. If you comment, tell him I sent ya! :wink: And BTW, shout out to @jbags81 for creating the script! Thanks for getting me started on Pi!!

Video Link

(I did this as a link rather than an embed so you go to YouTube, otherwise you will miss the links and tips under the video.)

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Awesome thanks @rpitera I have ordered from Amazon but not with the links I’m afraid as I’m in the UK. I will try and support @brusc another way if I can as found his videos before your recommendation and really like his style.

Any other issues I’ll give you a shout as you have been really supportive.

I think Qnap is limiting me so thought Qnap would work better for me

Thanks Mike

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Keep me posted if I can help.

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Hi Mike, i have a TS259 pro +, please can you explain how do you installed HA on your QNAP and which NAS model you have ?

Hello mate,

I was having so many issues trying to get it g on Qnap I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi which I would highly recommend! I wouldn’t bother wasting your time to be honest mate.

I got the raspberry pi and have had no real issues at all apart from learning how HA works in general haha

If you need any support mate give me a shout and I’ll do my best to give back to the community!!



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