Suggestions for Standalone Zigbee2mqtt Gateway

I have a Conbee II stick that I would like to use in a dedicated stand-alone Zigbee2mqtt bridge. Without getting into details, the stick is not working well on the hardware its plugged into. I am using Zigbee2mqtt as a Docker instance though and would like to continue doing that by copying across the config to the new system.

I’ve not found any solutions that are in stock and easily purchased.
I have a few Raspberry Pis I could use, but I’m not sure if or how that will work. Could it be as simple as running Zigbee2mqtt in Docker on the Pi?

Yup! It really is that easy. I run z2m on my Unraid server the same way.

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I’m just about to setup my first Unraid server, so I may as well try it that way. Thanks.

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A pi3 it higher will work fine.