Suggestions for the deCONZ addon

Hi there,

I have some suggestions/questions for the deCONZ addon:

  1. Currently the items (xiaomi/aqara sensors and buttons) are named like sensor.pressure_4, sensor.temperature_2 etc. Would be nice to group all devices from one main device, then add a id and then the subdevice. Something like: sensor.weather_1_temperature. sensor.weather_1_pressure, sensor.weather_2_temperature or something like that.
  2. Also the name of the main device in the integration view is also wrong:

    Why is the first one called “Pressure 5” and not “Weather” or whatever the name is in the Phoscon App Dashboard?
  3. On the weather sensor, the battery field is missing
  4. On the switch sensor, the actual action is missing. How can I get the click action for automations?
  5. Why is the domain lumi when the sensors are actually xiaomi or aqara?

What do you guys thinks?

I’m using RaspBee with Firmware: 262f0500
deCONZ addon version: 2.05.54

@marthocoo any idea?

Fortunately these are questions I don’t have to answer! @Robban over to you!

My 2 cents though: now with the entity and device registry you can edit the friendly name and entity Id to be whatever you want. So what does it matter what the defaults are? To your point 4: button-type devices don’t have their own entity - they send events instead. Check the docs.

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  1. They’re created when deconz sends a created message over Websocket, there is no relation proper relation between sensors yet and due to timing the other sensors might not be created. The deconz team is working on a device grouping that might help fix this.
  2. The Name comes from the first entity belonging to that device that gets created in home assistant, see 1. for more info :slight_smile:
  3. Battery sensors are only created on devices that are not entities by themselves, like switches. I’ve been thinking about possibly standardising this further down the line.
  4. All remotes are exposed as events in hass since they are only momentary information, if you look at the entity of the battery sensor you can find in its attributes the id of the switch event
  5. Thats what the company creating the devices are called if I recall correctly
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Thanks guys for the fast reply!

Just one additional question:
Is it anyhow possible to use RaspBee and Bluetooth at the same time? I use a eQ3 thermostat that needs Bluetooth the be controlled…

If you either have them on different rpis or use a bluetooth dongle