Suggestions on a outdoor keypad?

Hello all.

I’m looking for a keypad to place outside to allow entering codes to unlock the front door or garage doors. I do have an August smart-lock, and they have this slick keypad too, but AFAIK there’s no integration with HA. Ideally, I want something that I can program myself, allowing multiple codes for different things (unlock the front door, open garage door 1 or garage door 2, lock all doors, etc…).

I looked on Aliexpress, and there are a few Tuya-based keypads, but it doesn’t look like they have WIFI or Zigbee support, and based on the wiring, it looks like these are supposed to connect to some sort of security system.

Did anyone ever use one of these Tuya keypads? Or have recommendations of other similar devices that could integrate with HA?

You might check for Wiegand keypads with integrated RFID tag readers. They’re waterproof and work well with ESP8266 or ESP32 in ESPHome. Most are numeric only, 0 through 9 with asterisk * and octothorpe # symbols on some.

I have the August Smart Keypad, and was wondering how to integrate it into Home Assistant. It is Bluetooth, but it seems either no one really has it or no one wants to use it in Home Assistant.
I know it can integrate directly to the lock and in the August app, so it is 100% useable with Yale and August locks in the way that August intended, for unlocking a single lock on a particular door, but I was hoping some HA genius may have an idea on integrating it so it can be used as an alarm panel. I know Tuya and the like have other locks, but the August one is really slim line and not as chunky as a lot of others.

In the OP’s ( @joelfernandes ) use case, the August Keypad integrated directly in the August App woudl work to control their August lock, and Home Assistant will pickup the status, but I was hoping to use it for more than just unlocking the lock.

I, too, need something like this. I thought I figured out a solution, which was to pair a Liftmaster 878MAX outdoor wireless keypad with a Liftmaster 850LM “universal receiver.” My plan was then to use the relay from the 850LM to trigger a GPI input pin on an esphome device. Unfortunately, while the 850LM works fine for push-button remotes, it appears I cannot pair the keypad with the receiver, which was kind of the whole point of this setup. So now I’m quite frustrated.

Now I’m wondering about using a bluetooth keypad. Is it possible to use something like the esphome bluetooth proxy to pair with a bluetooth keypad? It probably would be doable to mount a bluetooth keypad in some kind of enclosure box to protect it from the elements.

It’s so weird that there’s not a real solution out there for this yet. I can think of several projects to have a keypad input and passcode management like KeyMaster to kick-off tons of things. External gate opener, garage door, gates, etc. Etc.

This is also something I’d love to implement somehow. I’ve wondered about kicking off webhooks with people texting a code to a certain phone number, but I wonder how (in)secure that would be :rofl:.

It sure would be nice though to have a delivery person be able to open my garage when they deliver packages and close it again without having to go through Amazon Key, and, of course, for friends/family, etc. etc.

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I am also very interested in a working solution for this Problem. I found a good idea at: but unfortunately after a few days this setup doesn´t work very reliable, as sometimes a key is pressed an not registered from the esp32 or even a key seems to be pressed from ghosthand. I really don´t know why this setup in the beginning works quite good and after some time it gets less and less reliable. I already tried three different boards of esp8266 and esp32 but all showed the same behaviour…
Maybe it ist possible to use an USB-Keypad?