Suitable dimmer switch for manually overriding a ligthing automation

Hello HA community :grin:

I have a question to the smart home gurus.

I want to add a manual overridng functionality to my current ligthing setup in my bathroom, and am looking for the right hardware.

Today my ligths are activated by a motion sensor + the brightness and warmt of the ligth depends on the time of day.
I have a Zigbee Aeotec motion sensor and a Wiz smart bulb.

But what I want to add is the possibility to manually adjust the brightness with a dimmer switch. Because sometimes I need a little more light in the evenings.

What im thinking could be a problem with a dimmer that has a certain start and stop in the lowest and highest dimming values. is that if I am manually adjusting the dimmer in different parts of the day, I migth sometimes run out of adjustment range, due to the variable brightness routine through out the day.

Do you guys have any suggestions for dimmers that have infinite range. Also one wish I have is that it fits in a tradisional socket/light switch frame.

Thereโ€™s the ikea symfonisk volume knob if you prefer something wireless

Good suggestion. I had a look at it. But I woul prefere something that fits into the switch frame that I already have. I would want to just chang it out with the simple ligth switch that I have now.

Something like this? Wireless switch Zigbee 1 group white - . It has support for long press of the on and off buttons, should be possible to couple those to dimming in an automation.
An ecodim 07 dimmer seems like another solution. I use one of these in my bedroom. You could even replace the bulb with a cheap dumb bulb and use the smart bulb for something else. But smart or dumb bulb, then you have the choice of auto or manual brightness. What I like about those is that they will work even if your complete HA system breaks down or there are connection problems.