Sum of Daily Max Over Last 2 Days using Statistics

I’m trying to build a sensor value to measure the last 2 days of precipitation history to use in managing my sprinkler automations. I’m using a WeatherFlow sensor that reports the precipitation yesterday but I’ve found it may update more than once a day. I’ve tried using the Statistics sensor which works but it will double count if the value is reported twice in the same day. For example, yesterday there was .05 rain but it was reported once at 12:15am and again at 9:30pm; therefore my sensor value is reporting a state of .1 because of the duplicates.

I know I could use some helper fields to capture historical data and a template to sum those but I feel this should be possible using Statistics. I don’t think History Stats will work since my state is a changing numeric value, not a string state to measure against.

Here’s my statistics code that works, but counts duplicates.

  - platform: statistics
    name: "Precipitation History Last 2 Days"
    entity_id: sensor.weatherflow_precipitation_yesterday_rain_checked
    state_characteristic: sum
      days: 2