Sum of google travel time sensors

Just getting started with Hass, I have made 2 google travel time sensors. One for when my wife drops off our son in the morning and another from there to her work.

What’s the best way to sum the duration in traffic together and show as one sensor Was thinking template sensor using float

Any help would be amazing

I’ve done exactly the same, check my config in

You’ll see that I created a bunch of template sensors based on the google travel sensors (include_sensor.yaml in the include folder).
These are then used in some automations which broadcast a TTS message while we’re having breakfast (automation_alarm_traveltime_work.yaml in the automation folder).

Pretty sure there will be ways to do this better as I did this some time ago, but didn’t revisit so far.

Thanks @farstreet I will check out those files right now

@farstreet this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much