Summing energy usage for a "total energy used per day" graph

Any advice/direction re which way to develop “total energy per day” type displays/graphs where I only have sensors that measure actual point in time energy? i.e. best approach to start summing this across the day myself? I have used AppDaemon to-day more-so than any of the built in HA templating/automations.

Options from what I’ve made sense of so far (happy to be corrected if I’ve got it wrong):

a) "Utility Meter - seems like you can use these against one of your point in time power sensors to do the “summing” so to speak? (so if I have this right this may be the easy answer?)

b) Using HA automations? Have seen what seem to be examples of these where people read the existing value from a device and keep adding this value onto another entity they have created?

c) Could create another AppDaemon script and just manually collect/store energy readings and persist myself / put final values back into a HA entity? Any examples would be great.

e) other I’ve heard of is posting up to EcmonCms, but perhaps that is more if you want to go further beyond a power usage for the last day? Perhaps if you want a total power usage cost per days across the last month you might need EcmonCMS? Although the HA database would have stored each individual energy reading over time right so one should be able to get this from HA?

Basically wonder which direction to dig into re getting a Total Energy Per Day graph over the last week, but noting my energy sensors do not currently doing any cumulative total/summing…

Not sure if I understand you right. So you have an energy value coming in regularly (for instance kWh) which is the current consumption of your appliance. It depends wildly on your appliance (see my solution below).

Difficulty here is the time component, especially if you receive Watts from your appliance. If you appliance gives a power value once per hour and it is 1 kW, did it consume this 1kW for the full hour or for just 6 minutes. In the first case the energy consumption is 1kWh and in the latter it is 0.1 kWh.

Back to your question; if you receive an ever going up value from your appliance you could store the value every midnight to a HA sensor. Subtract this from your current value and you have the consumption today so far.

I am using ESPHome to count pulses from an energy meter. It does it all. I receive power and daily energy

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 08.44.35

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actually no - the switch provides point in time power (in Watts, not in WHr or kWhours) so I need a way to sum this over time, e.g. each 5 minutes add that 5 minutes worth of energy (based on the current power reading) add this…so a way to sum this in HA. So tying to find out a good approach

I guess this will do what you want.

You need the integration sensor to convert your power meter in an energy meter

Then you can use the utility meter (posted above) to get daily statistics.

[quote=“francisp, post:5, topic:194147”]
integration sensor to convert your power meter in an energy meter
[/quote] thanks - I think this will do the trick - I’ll look into this now