Sun Cover control with Zemismart switch

I purchased Zemismart Curtain Smart Switch ZN-EC1E Zigbee compatibility for controlling my sun cover. I was able to add the integration, but the default controls do not work properly, because the end positions are not correct. The motor has physical sensors to stop the motor at both end positions, so I would basically only need a command to switch on the motor to one direction and keep turning until switched off by the sensor. In the “Manage Zigbee Device” menu in “Clusters” for cluster “WindowsCovering” there is a command “down_close” that I can issue, which does what I want when clicking “ïssue zigbee command”. For opening I can use “go_to_lift_percentage” with value 255. My question: how to continue? How can I program this and add it to a dashboard?

It’s hard to get a feel for what is working and what isn’t in your post but it sounds like you can control the whole thing manually fine and need something that lets you do the controlling without issuing the commands manually?

Is that about correct?

If so then you can take those commands and put them in a template cover that becomes your new shade control, you essentially define it however you want that works. I have some pretty complex curtain controls programmed in template cover and I just use the template to control them now and it works as if they were native.