Sun integration should tell the exact time in the UI

For example, when I specify the before and after offsets, like:

condition: sun
before: sunset
before_offset: "00:45:00"
after: sunrise
after_offset: "01:30:00"

Assuming sunrise = 05:13:00AM, sunset = 06:03:00PM

The specific time should appear in the UI title, like “Confirm time After 06:43:00AM and Before 05:18:00PM” or “Confirm time is between 06:43:00AM - 05:18:00PM”.

Or maybe “Confirm 01:30:00 After sunrise (05:13:00AM) & 00:45:00 Before sunset (06:03:00PM)”

This would be much better and easier to understand than the current “Confirm sun after sunrise offset by 01:30:00 before sunset offset by 00:45:00” which is quite confusing, this fix shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of coding and would make it easier and more beginner-friendly.

That would only be true on the day you were setting it up, so wouldn’t actually be an accurate description of how the automation would behave.

:rofl: How to annoy the developers.

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The time in the title would change, but not the way the condition behave. For example “Confirm 01:30:00 After sunrise (05:13:00AM) & 00:45:00 Before sunset (06:03:00PM)” Yes, the time in parenthesis would change every day but it will still be an hour and a half after sunrise.

Taking this a bit further and calculating the before time and after like “Confirm time is between 06:43:00AM - 05:18:00PM” would be more convenient than having to go and see when is the sunset & sunrise and doing the math yourself.

As a better suggestion, they could keep the title as is, but add this feature when you test the condition, instead of just saying “Condition did not pass” it could say “Time is not between 06:43:00AM - 05:18:00PM”

or just add it in a display box in the UI