Sun Irradiance with 10min granularity?

I am looking for a way to use the sun irradiance, I use it to decide if the blinds should close or not. I use the dwd_weather integration integration at the moment, but it only updates every hour. The built-in sun and the sun2 integration from @pnbruckner do not look like they include irradiance.

Any suggestions?

Openweathermap has something and solcast but higher freq. is not for free

Actually it updates faster towards sunset and sunrise.

You could always DIY your own sensor: Outdoor Lux Sensor

thanks for the tips.

Outdoor sensor means laying power cables, drilling holes, it’s a whole mess in my case (I have 45cm+ walls, full of mysterious and ancient stuff I prefer to touch as little as possible).

I have a pretty decent automation based on max forecasted daily temperature, sun irradiance and elevation/azimuth of the sun. I just wish it’d be a little more granular, but I’m being picky =)

And imo you then need your own dev, I cannot speak for others but most web-forecast thingies are quite a bit off compared to my garden, rain/temp/light/etc. So I also have some built myself, if you like the electronics side then building a esp or zigbee device with a sensor is not costly (it is on learning effort )
EDIT: then you also need little cables, assuming the walls are indeed not blocking

You can mount it on a north facing windowsill. No holes required. Just make sure it is on the window side of any blinds or curtains.