Sun - location doesn't quite match

The calculation of the sun attributes works based upon the location. The strange thing is that I have set the location but the timings for sunset, sunrise and so on doesn’t fully match the ones that I get from other services. I have compared it with iobroker, AccuWeather and google and the HA timings is about 3 minutes apart from the others. Can I adjust that somehow?
As I am using iobroker and HA in parallel it would be great to have the same calculations.

Did you set the


Yes, I tried both the “real” elevation as well as 0 but that doesn’t make such a difference.

I suppose this could also be because of different sunrise/sunset calculations, which even online sun calculators use differently, by either defining sunset for example as

• the first edge of the sun touching the horizon
• the centre of the sun on the horizon
• the sun completely disappearing under the horizon

Depending on the time of year this could well explain the 3 minutes difference you are seeing.

Thanks, that sounds logical. So I will simply shift my automations a bit using the offset.

As I said though, the difference also depends on the time of year, similar to the twilights having different durations in winter compared to summer, so a fixed 3 minutes offset might also not always be totally in line with your other services :wink: