Sunricher Friends of Hue (SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH-E) - turn on/off and dimming functionality

Hi Johan, thanks for the suggestion regarding sleep time. I was actually unsure what it did, and can see that I had changed it to 0.25. Changing it back to 0.2 makes dimming transitions smoother.

However, after some experimenting, I’ve found out that the hacking has got nothing to do with your component, but zigbee2mqtt groups! If I have a single light configured to the switch, then dimming is smooth. But if I have a Z2M group configured, then it’s really hacky. I’ve tried adding transitions to Z2M groups under the groups.yaml in zigbee2mqtt, but haven’t found a value that works, as it seems really slowly, then starts sending a million messages to the lights, they start flashing like crazy etc… But, if I make a light group under helpers, and configure this to the switch, then the dimming action is nice and smooth!! So it’s something to do with Z2M groups, and not your component.

Another minor thing, it would actually be great if it was possible to increase the length of the short press. With the sunricher switches paired to the hue bridge, you have to hold the button for a good half a second before dimming starts, which to me feels like a decent amount (helps to ensure the sort press actions have a decent window, if you understand me).

Still would also love to hear if it’s possible to not turn the light off when dimming.

Thanks for creating this, I’m greatly appreciative of it. Will have all my sunricher switches and hue lights integrated into HA, and ditch my hue hub by the end of the week :smiley: