Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH (zigbee push-button coupler) with ConbeeII - Unable to pair with HA

I have a Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH in-wall 4x switch zigbee module. Running HA OS 8.1 with the 2022.06.1 core amd 2022.05.3 supervisor. For zigbee devices (which I multiple connected succesfuly) I’m using the ConbeeII dongle.

I have not been able to pair this Sunricher zigbee module. Ive tried this method: AC Powered Zigbee Push Button Coupler SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH - YouTube but the device wont show up.


In the manual there are different combinations to push for pairing the module. I have not succeeded with any combo.

Any tips where I should head from here?

I tried the same and it didn’t work for me neither. I tried all the different combinations in the manual without success. Any ideas on how to go on from here?

Have any of you succeded or have you returned the wall module?

This as I am considering bying the module for my lights.

Anyone got that thing working with ZHA?
I also have a bunch of Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH modules. They worked fine with deconz ( Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-C4 · Issue #4703 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub) but I migrated to zha with a skyconnect dongle and I am not able to pair these modules.

Can anybody help creating a quirk? I would send out a device so it’s easier for somebody to troubleshoot.
Regarding the deconz github thread it has basic cluster attributes 0x0008 and 0x0009.

@molt @kemes @mellwoman @marieper FYI, initial ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) support has very recently been added to zigpy (the Zigbee stack library that the ZHA integration depends on), as is as recently as only in Home Assistant 2023.7 release (and later), so there is at least a chance now that ZHA and zha-device-handlers (zha-quirks) developers could add handler/converter code to support a ZHA Device Handler (ZHA quirk) for individual ZGP devices, (though the ZHA integration code might still need some new additions too). I would suggest try to post more feedback to that existing device support request and wait to see if ZHA/zigpy developers are interested at looking at it, perhaps together with developers there you can resolve the missing pieces for that device (but be aware that could be that they will need to have that specific device themself to develop support for it). That is, post your setup, logs and troubleshooting steps here (again, you need to be using Home Assistant 2023.7 release or later) → [Device Support Request] SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH (Zigbee Push-Button Coupler) · Issue #2426 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub

Also see discussion → ZHA integration support for ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) devices via zigpy?

For some basic information on why is ZHA Device Handlers (ZHA quirks) are needed read → (as well as the related information here →

Wait a minute, is that really a ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) device? There is a dresden-elektronik deconz developer specifically mentions that “Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-C4” is not a ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) device despite what the print on the device suggests (and that same developer also mentions that “Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-C4” model is very similar to the Ubisys C4?)?. So might is aCould you be confusting it because it has “GP Combo Basic” function which includes ZGPP (Zigbee Green Power Proxy) support? Zigbee Green Power Proxy shows up all Zigbee 3.0 router devices because they can act as a Zigbee Green Power Proxy (which just means that it can be a Zigbee Router for ZGP devices, hence can perform routing green power communication to relay such messages).

@Hedda I´ve tried to adapt a quirk from the RDM001 with the Manifacturer Code (0x1244). But I am too dumb to create a working quirk.

I already linked it in the request
[Device Support Request] SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH (Zigbee Push-Button Coupler) · Issue #2426 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers (