Sunricher SR-ZG9100A-S firmware

I recently bought a SR-ZG9100A-S. The local vendor here did not make a distinction between different configurations of the device, but the manual states:

Supported external switch types (should be configured by factory setting):

  1. Push switch (default factory setting)
  2. Normal On/Off switch (should be configured by factory setting upon request)

I’ve installed the unit in one of my wall mounted light switches and everything seem to work as long as I doubetap the wall switch to toggle the breaker - but from the quote above I recon there is an alternate firmware for the device that would make the wall switch work as before (one click to change breaker state).

Does anyone here know if such firmware is available for me to change to myself? Or must I as it says in the manual return the device and get another config from the factory?

I would say, that if a smart switch is not smart enough to be configured with different switches, it’s good reason to return it and buy Shelly.