Sunricher ZGRC-KEY-013 in automation event

Hello everybody,

I am using HA for quite a while now and I like it a lot! Good job everybody. But now I have a small bump on the road. I am trying to make an automation event for the remote ZGRC-KEY-013.

I did a zha_event listening and got this for one on button.

event_type: zha_event
device_ieee: b4:e3:f9:ff:fe:ec:5e:9e
unique_id: b4:e3:f9:ff:fe:ec:5e:9e:1:0x0006
device_id: 9186a1b8b5704fb02f5e706a31c11d9a
endpoint_id: 1
cluster_id: 6
command: “on”
args: []
params: {}
origin: LOCAL
time_fired: “2023-02-11T17:52:18.940102+00:00”
parent_id: null
user_id: null

Now I am trying to put this in an automation and using an event as trigger but it does not work.

The code I have now:
platform: event
event_type: zha_event
context_id: 01GS0PK1NH8QA4SHE933DGJKM9

I understand that it is not working because there is way to little information but I dont now what kind of info to put in.

The actions is not difficult, it just a switch toggle. Please please help…

Hi, I have the same need to trigger a logic from an event catchup.

“Events all” node can easily display the JSON payload output on the display debug.

Should I copy the JSON like that, then define which attribute I need on the output of the node

I can’t manage to get something out doing that way.
Thank you


I started a blueprint to configure the remote with my HA setup.
You can find it in

Hopefully it will work for you as well.