Sunset trigger isn't working since 0.88

Since I updated to 0.88 my sunset trigger isn’t working, I’m sure I have missed some change in the release notes but I can’t seam to figure it out so if anyone have any ideas I’m all ears.
(I haven’t touched the code after I upgraded and this automation is one of the oldest I have)

Post your config, also check your log for relevant errors.

confirm you still have the sun component loaded.

“sun:” is loaded.

The automation below contains an extra notification to verify if it runs or not (which it don’t).

  - alias: 'Outside Evening'
      - platform: sun
        event: sunset
      - service: notify.ios_reinesiphone_app
          message: 'Sunset'
          title: 'Home Assistant'
      - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
          group_name: 'Outside'
          scene_name: 'Outside - Evening'

Anything in the log?

I‘d say the automation is off (caused by a breaking change in one of the recent updates). Add initial_state: on to it and try again.

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Thank you @m0wlheld, I had missed to set that. It’s working now :slight_smile: