Suntec Klima Transform 14.000 Eco Wifi Integration

Hello all,

I got my mobile air conditioner today, the thing is called

Suntec Transform 14,000 Eco R290 Wifi App

I thought I’m so smart and buy with WiFi, now I noticed that I can not integrate the thing here.
Does the none of you have such a device?
Or any other ideas / suggestions on how I can do this?

By the way, you can connect it directly with Alexa, or Google.


Second that. Any idea where to start? Thanks!

I have one of these and did go for the “emulate the remotecontrol” way. So I have a esp8266 with an ir-led that can send the 5…6 Buttons there are.

Using a portscan revealed that it is a Tuya device, then it was just a matter of following this tutorial for me: Get your Tuya Device Local Key - YouTube and using the HA Tuya integration Tuya - Home Assistant