Super weird thing just happened today with me Hue lightstrip! Does this happen to other people?

So this is totally strange. I have a some hue lightstrips that hass turns on for me each morning in a sunrise-like fashion. It has been doing this for about a year, only on certain days of the week. I had a crazy network failure last night, so I was up late working on that; by the time I went to bed, the hue component was not working on hass, but I decided to disable the automation which would turn on the “sunrise” lights anyway bc I wanted to sleep in.

6:40 rolled around, as it does most Wednesday mornings, and the lights were on, and ramping up brighter, as they do at 6:40 every Wednesday morning.

Here’s the super strange part.

  • There’s no entry in the logbook
  • The hue component IS NOT WORKING right now (I have to re-sync w/ the box


Can Hue do its own thing and “learn” my routines and then go and do them without being told to do it?? I have no idea what the heck happened otherwise. (Hass doesn’t even know they exist currently…) I have no entries in the Hue app for alarm, no other timer-related entries.


You’re using the Hue Hub? You’ve got a routine (or whatever they call it) configured there.

I agree that makes the most sense, but there isn’t anything in there. I have an old wake up routine which is OFF (and doesn’t trigger til after 8am anyway), and I have a reading light @ night routine which is also off.