Superlive plus app integration

Hello everyone. I am new in the HAS world and honestly I am fascinated by its endless possibilities. This is my first post in the community so thank you in advance for your time and support.

I own an apartment in a block of flats, which has a CCTV system installed, including 1 x Avision Av104T DVR and some Dome Avision analog cameras(E1080w/2.8 2MP).

I am able to get to the live streaming of the cameras by logging in to the Superlive Plus android app(it doesn’t require me to be on the same network) and I am wondering if there is any way to watch the live streaming through home assistant. I have tried to export something like a RTSP link however I wasn’t able to make it work neither in VLC nor in Onvif app. In any case I am not sure if RTSP is applicable for this system, even though in the app and after my login I can see 4 port numbers (HTTP, HTTPS, Server, RTSP).

Unfortunately despite the fact that I have access to the network details through the app(including IP, ports, etc) I don’t have the expertise to evaluate if I can integrate this system in home assistant and how to end up with a possible/appropriate streaming link. My logic however suggests that since I am able to login to an app with my credentials without being in the same shared network of the building, somehow the cameras are streaming online.

In case I need to move this topic to a new category, please let me know and for sure I will.

Any kind of support or guidance would be more than welcome.


Hi Nikolas,

Having to deal with said DVR and almost rage quitting, after an hour I finally got it to work in home assistant via motionEye. I found out that the manufacturer behind the Avision brand and after that it was a breeze! The RTSP address that worked for me is:


Just replace the uppercase words only with your own credentials and you should be good to go. Do not add/remove spaces, slashes or anything else as it won’t work.

Hope this helps!