Supervised HA on VirtualBox loses IP address

I have supervised HA installed on VirtualBox. The network is configured as ‘bridged’ for both the LAN and Wifi adapters. I allocated to it static IPs and in the router.
The issue is that tthe HA loses its IP about a day later. Even when I configured hte HA itself to have the same static IP addresses it is disconnected about a day after it starts.
The command ‘network info enp0s17’ shows the (localy static) IP address and ‘network info enp0s8’ shows the (localy static) IP address, but the machine is not accessible from other devices in the local LAN.
Even ping from it to the router in IP fails.

Any idea how to make the HA keep its network connectivity?

How do you configure the IP address?

  1. I configured the IP address in the router, so it wil not get a dynamic DHCP address.
  2. I configured it locally using the following command: nmcli connection modify "wifi" ipv4.addresses "" ipv4.gateway "" ipv4.dns ","
  1. is definitely a good idea.
  2. I can’t remember if it is configured from inside HA or from outside. If it is from outside, then nmcli is the right way. Many tries to use ifconfig and that will mess it all up.