Supervised install error despite successful os-agent installed

Hi all,

Attempting to do a HA Supervised install on a Libre Renegade running Raspbian (Debian Bullseye).

Following the install steps it goes well until needing to install homeassistant-supervised.deb.

I get the following error:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of homeassistant-supervised:
 homeassistant-supervised depends on os-agent.

As far as I can tell os-agent is installed and running. os-agent is available in the path and I received the introspection output upon install as expected (no errors).

When running os-agent I get the following output (name already taken seems a bit off):

INFO: 2023/02/09 16:49:49 main.go:33: Start OS-Agent 1.4.1
CRITICAL: 2023/02/09 16:49:49 main.go:60: name already taken

I’m thinking it could be a number of issues: using Raspbian vs pure Debian image or that os-agent hasn’t started up correctly or something else entirely.

I couldn’t find a similar question so hoping someone has some more insight or suggestions on what else to try to get further in debugging without going through the path of non supervised options.

Appreciate you reading up to this point. Thanks ahead of time!

Raspbian, or Raspberry OS as it’s now called, is a derivative of Debian. Home Assistant Supervised is meant to be installed exclusively on Debian and not on any of its derivatives.

Reference: Home Assistant Supervised Requirements


Yup I knew that going in - unfortunately Debian isn’t available/support currently on the libre boards.

Then try Container, Core or a VM install.

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