Supervised install: Which OS Agent for Rockchip ARM SBC?

Using Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11 as guideline I am installing HA supervised on Debian Bullseye, running on Rockchip-based Nano Pi R5S. Bullseye is up and running.

I am stuck in 2.2 saying
Which obviously pulls the AMD64 arch which does not match the ARM64 system architecture. using
wget did not help.

Which OS Agent do I need for ARM64?

Use Releases · home-assistant/os-agent · GitHub and get the proper one, i.e. os-agent_1.4.1_linux_aarch64.deb

ARM 64bits has both arm64 and aarch64 architecture names for historical reasons.

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Many thanks will do so immediately!

Works! Many thanks!

Can someone tell me which file I have to use for the OS-Agent wht a Rock Pi 4 SE?
( Rockchip RK3399-T SoC · Dual Cortex® A72 CPU und Arm Mali™ T860MP4 GPU · 4GB 64-bit RAM)

I read that the it is an ARM64, but there is no .deb file, only a .gz - file to download.
And all the .deb-files give me an error when I want to install them.

(maybe this is a stupid question… but I’m not an expert… :wink:
thanks for any help!