Supervised-installation do not start with new docker-ce 20.10.0 on Debian 10

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i had installed via the supervised-installer ( ) on Debian 10. After the last update of Docker the container of the supervised-installation do not start automatically when I restarted the system. Only after downgrading docker-ce from 20.10.0 to 19.03.14 it was working again.
Is somebody else here with the same problem?

It’s explained in ADR0014.


I understood that specs in the way that the docker-version has to be 19.03 or later and so I will not get a problem with docker 20.x

Only 19.03 Not later.

ok, thank you for that information.

Any advice on how to roll back docker versions for a numpty that might’ve upgraded before reading this?!

My HA doesn’t start up anymore :frowning:

I’m sure the documentation should be corrected!
Docker CE >= 19.03 in ADR0014 means 19.03 or later.
And 20.10 later then 19.03…

Use these commands to downgrade

sudo apt remove docker-ce docker-ce-cli

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker

VERSION=19.03.14 sh

At my Debian 10 I used the following commands:

apt update

apt-cache madison docker-ce

apt-cache madison docker-ce-cli

apt install docker-ce=5:19.03.14~3-0~debian-buster docker-ce-cli=5:19.03.14~3-0~debian-buster

I was asked if I want to downgrade the 2 package and I agreed. After that i restarted the system and HA was starting as expected. Now I have be carefull when I install updates for the system until the supervised-installer is usable with docker-ce newer as 19.03.xx