Supervised on debian: is it stable? otherwise?

Hi friends.

I have a NUC (intel n95 with 16gb ram) which i use with ARCH LINUX and a lot of docker container including also home assistant core that is working like a charm.

I need to switch to homeassistant supervised beceause i need an addon (silabs multipan or otbr) which arent working as docker container.

I dont know how to proceed.

1)if i install only home assistant os i waste the PC
2)i read about debian and home assistant supervised: in this case i have to switch from arch linux to debian (ok, i’m not happy but it can also be done!) but i have to know if this way is a STABLE solution or if by upgrading the OS or by upgrading home assistant i risk to broke all…
3)i dont know. maybe proxmox but I don’t know it well, anyway it required some managed…

can you suggest me the best solution?

It is stable, but requires a lot of maintenance. I recently moved 2 HA instances from Supervised to HAOS in a VM on proxmox.
You will hear a lot: Supervised is a trap

Thanx for the gently reply.
So you are suggesting to me to stay on core as docker container :slight_smile:

Proxmox could be a way buy i dont know It, i have to study

Supervised installations do not allow you to run your own containers. They have to be controlled by the Supervisor container.
Portainer is not allowed either.

My suggestion is to run proxmox and then a HAOS installation in one VM and whatever you like on another VM with an OS of your choice.
Proxmox is essentially a stripped-down Linux, so you will learn fast and manage it with little issues.

Although many are quick to point out the problems with a Supervised install I just have to point out there are many us that are very happy with our Supervised installs. I chose supervised (Debian) because I am experienced with Linux and Supervised is the install that is most like HAOS (a supervised install on a minimized Linux). This thread is NOT the place to argue the specific issues.

I’m going to try to install supervised into a VM created by virt-install (qemu/kvm)