Supervisor 2022.07 and old Core version

Hi all, I am running on a Pi. Supervisor has updated itself to 2022.07. However, I am still running Core 0.113 (and happy with it, runs stable, many integrations etc.). From the UI I now cannot access the Supervisor menu anymore (for example to make a backup). It looks like the Supervisor is running fine (ha supervisor info). But when the UI tries to access it just hangs (empty screen, the blue circle keeps rotating). All the Core functionality still runs fine.

  1. Could it be that just the URL to access the Supervisor has changed?
  2. Or, can I downgrade the supervisor (ha supervisor update --version 249 as a test says “Error: No supervisor update available - 2022.07.0”, which is the same text as generated by “ha supervisor update” so the version argument seems to be ignored?). So how would I do this? (And yes I realize this will have to be repeated given the auto-update functionality, but I would restore the situation for now.)
  3. Or, is updating Core (ha core update?), which I do not prefer to do, the only way out of this?
    Thanks for any insights!

Yes. There is no single page for the supervisor any more. It has been split up to a number of menu items like Settings > System > Hardware, Settings > System > Network, etc…

No you can’t downgrade the supervisor. Well you can but it will just automatically update again.

Yes you should keep the core version up to date. Going from 0.113 to 2022.7.2 is going to be very difficult, involving a considerable number of breaking changes.

Hi, thanks for your reply!

Breaking changes → yeah I was afraid of that. It is a pity the update strategy for Supervisor cannot be controlled by the user and that now also the interface with Core has changed so much.

You can downgrade the supervisor → but how? I tried several forms of the “ha supervisor update --version 249” (as an example) command but none seems to work. This would help me to have a short term solution. Your suggestions are welcome!

PS: My iPhone app (using Nabu Casa) does not work at all anymore. Caused by the changed Core - Supervisor interface?

Hi guys!

I have exact the same problem as @MennoW mentioned, only difference is, I am running 0.109.5.
I am also missing some entries in the sidebar (file editor, node-red, supervisor) since update from the supervisor to 2022.07.0. :frowning:

At the moment I can control the most add-ons via ssh, but unfortunately the google drive backup add-on doesn’t sync anymore

Can anyone tell me whats the easiest/simplest way to upgrade to an actual version from ha? I have the latest google drive backups saved to my harddisk (win pc). Will this backup work with a new version from ha?

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance

PS: my iPhone app started working again, so that problem was not related.

PPS: Emanuel, I think it is “ha core update”, but it would be nice if someone can confirm or deny. I have not tested this myself yet.