Supervisor 234 not supported on Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)? Per error log


Not sure if this is the right spot to post this because I’m not sure if this is a bug or I missed something (have not found any recent posts on Raspbian being unsupported,) but after updating Supervisor to 234 yesterday, it’s spitting out errors and reporting that it’s running on an “Unsupported Platform.” I was previously running 232 with no errors, skipped 233, didn’t see any issues within the change log for 233 & 234 to concern myself with an update. There was no mention that 233/234 would not be supported on the Raspberry PI.

I’ve been running my Home Assistant Server now for 6 months on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with a 240gb SSD. I verified the raspbian core is current.

Any ideas?

“Development” is for another purpose (typically questions about developing new Integrations).

The only supported distro of Linux is Debian. Even derivatives of Debian, like Ubuntu, are not supported.

There are existing discussions about this topic. Head over to the Community Guides section and read the thread concerning the installation of Debian and the other one for Raspberry Pi OS.

FWIW, your system will probably continue to work well. The only drawback is that if and when it doesn’t, the development team may reject your request for assistance because your system is “unsupported”. In that case, your choices are to turn to the community for help or to install Debian.

Interesting, Thank you.

I am a little surprised that Raspbian isn’t supported after all these years. Will have to read into.


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Was also suprised. So we need to install Debian OS on RPi. Will that work? There is no lite version of Debain OS… I only know the Rasbian Debian Buster Lite…

The devs make it not easy:

RPi4: Not fully 100% USB boot possible with the Hassio Images of HA itself.
So you have to do a workaround to install Hassio in Docker.
And now also you need a supported OS on your RPi…

Hoping they will not stop supporting RPi at all and we need to by a NUC.

Oh, the irony… :wink:


This error is there because they are now checking certain ‘requirements’ for compliance.

If you follow these instructions

# open/create a file with nano
sudo nano /etc/docker/daemon.json

# insert the following content then save (ctrl + s) and exit (ctrl + x)
  "log-driver": "journald",
  "storage-driver": "overlay2"

# restart docker
sudo systemctl restart docker

# wait ~10-15 seconds then restart Home Assistant
sudo ha core restart

from here Installation Methods & Community Guides Wiki it should fix it for you. (it did for me)

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The lite version IS Raspbian Buster Lite See Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Lite here

I’m getting the same message even though I followed the instructions on installing it on a clean Debian version?

Look in your supervisor log. There are clear error messages for each possible ‘violation’

Either I’m not looking in the right place or I would have to disagree with you on that.

I don’t see anything in the supervisor log about why my system is unsupported.

there’s nothing in there but info entries and none that I can find about why it’s unsupported.

Mind you I really don’t care if it’s unsupported as long as it works. I tend to be my own support anyway :wink: but that info would be good to know inn general.

The error messages are there, but if superviser is running already for some time, you don’t see them anymore (the log rotates). So best to restart supervisor to see them.

I have rebooted, can’t se any errors after the reboot either, everything looks fine.

This warning came yesterday after updating to the latest version.

I hit the “reload” button in the supervisor box and the logs didn’t change.

but restarting the entire supervisor container via Portainer finally got them to show up.

Thank you for this! I got that one error out of my log. Still have the unsupported kernel issue though. Guess that’s up to the developers.

After clearing the one docker error, I’m still getting the unsupported OS (kernel) issue. Looks like no way around it without a new server platform.

20-08-17 18:19:52 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.core] Using ‘Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)’ as the OS is not supported

20-08-17 18:19:52 INFO (MainThread) [main] Run Supervisor

20-08-17 18:19:52 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.api] Start API on XXX.XX.XX.X

20-08-17 18:19:52 CRITICAL (MainThread) [supervisor.core] System running in a unsupported environment!

It really disappoints me that the developers would abandon what I feel is a widely used kernel for hosting a Home Assistant server found in the Raspberry Pi/Raspbian kernel. I’m sure there is a very good reason, but as I am a hobbyist when it comes to Linux/ Raspberry PI/ etc., I don’t have a lot of time to dive into rebuilding my server when what I consider a hobbyist level system becomes unsupported.

As someone pointed out, it’s currently not affecting the core operation of Home Assistant, but I hope that in the future, the developers would do a better job of giving us a heads up several builds ahead of loss of support, that something like this is coming.

Hopefully there’ll be a change of heart and future builds will support Raspbian again.

The only supported O/S for a Supervised install is Debian so I doubt they will be adding back Raspbian. If you are running a RPi you’re probably better off running HA OS anyway… dedicated to HA. If you want to run other stuff lash out no get another Pi… I have 5 RPi’s and would never try and add other stuff to one running HA. I did in the past dabble with a supervised install on Raspbian but that was just for the experience…
It’s not SUPPORTED doesn’t mean it doesn’t work… just if you install something that interferes with the supervisor you’re on your own. I don’t see the devs deliberately trying to break something either now or in the future however these are strange times in HA land at the moment so you never know.

My RPI for this setup is dedicated to the Home Assistant server. Simple RPI 4, 4gb, with 256 GB SSD. I have three other RPIs for other setups. The reason I did it this way was for the Supervisor setup, so that I could run ESPHome and 8 other Supervisor “Add-ons.” I have four ESPHome nodes reporting to HA via Mosquito MQTT. Tried to run Home Assistant on my Qnap Server in docker, and found I couldn’t get the Supervisor “add-ons” I was looking for… This is why I feel it’s unfortunate that they dropped the RPI kernel.

Perhaps there’s another way? I just haven’t found it as the simplest way to get the Supervisor role was to do a RPI with Supervisor/HA.

The simplest way is as David mentioned, to install Home Assistant OS. You get the Supervisor and all the add-ons from the store. You lose OS control, but for a HA dedicated Pi, you don’t really need it.

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Thank you! Do you have a link to a step by step walk through or tutorial? Honestly, I’m still struggling to understand the kernel to Supervisor to HA role. Again, I’m a weekend warrior, and know enough to know if I know what to do or need to dig deeper to understand. Happy to spend the time to learn at my own pace.

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