Supervisor and/or missing

Hello I have a question about the installation.
I install after this manual.

Very works fine, but after first log I miss the Supervisor button.
What I have done wrong?
I think this is a know Problem but I was not able to find a reason in this forum.

I hope anyone can help me.
MrKrise (Chris)

You installed Home Assistant Core in a virtual environment. No way you can get the Supervisor Tab.

If you want to install Home Assistant Supervised on Raspbian Lite, follow these instructions :

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Hi Francis,
ok this is the problem, thank for your link.
I will try this way.

Now it works, thank you.


Hi @MrKrise … can you guide me on how you installed your version?
Which virtual machine software did you use for the Pi?

You can’t use virtual machine software on a Pi.

The link posted above does not work anymore. Use this one :

that is the classic installation. That is not an answer for installing hassio on raspbian

See the link just above your reply.

What about HA OS? I am running the image from within unRAID’s VM. Shouldn’t there be a supervisor tab?

I also have missing tab supervisor someone do you know why?

many thanks.