Supervisor dashboard does not clearly show status of addons

IMHO the Supervisor manager for addons does not show the state of the addon clearly. I understand its supposed to be black and white if off and color is started however some icons are always black and white.

You can see the TasmoAdmin and ESPHome icons are always black and white…

I would like to propose that we add, or move the status light from within the addon panel out to the overview panel to clearly show state of all add-ons


I would like that too

You guys need to actually vote on this if you want it to be considered. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even the OP needs to vote for their own request.

Voted ! :slight_smile:

Also voted and bumped to get bit more attention. The addon page doesn’t really give you a nice overview of which addons are running/stopped. A small green button or a gradient over the addon box when it’s running/stopped would look better.