[supervisor.docker.addon] Invalid build environment, can't build this add-on!

Hi. I’m very new to HA and I’ve been trying to get this integrated with RING. I installed the Mosquito broker and added the following REPO:

When I attempt to install the add on, I get the following message and I’m not sure where to begin. This is a fresh install on a RASPI 4 using an sdcard and using the official image for RASPI 64bit.

21-03-10 21:27:38 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.addons] Creating Home Assistant add-on data folder /data/addons/data/core_mosquitto
21-03-10 21:27:38 INFO (SyncWorker_2) [supervisor.docker.interface] Downloading docker image homeassistant/aarch64-addon-mosquitto with tag 5.1.1.
21-03-10 21:27:49 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.addons] Add-on 'core_mosquitto' successfully installed
21-03-10 21:28:37 INFO (SyncWorker_4) [supervisor.docker.addon] Starting Docker add-on homeassistant/aarch64-addon-mosquitto with version 5.1.1
21-03-10 21:28:39 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.services.modules.mqtt] Set core_mosquitto as service provider for mqtt
21-03-10 21:28:39 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.discovery] Sending discovery to Home Assistant mqtt from core_mosquitto
21-03-10 21:28:40 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.discovery] Discovery 85f45677bcf9486eb2ab02d507a8dd21 message send
21-03-10 21:30:21 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.store.git] Cloning add-on https://github.com/rs1932/ring-alarm-hassio-addon repository
21-03-10 21:30:22 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.validate] Add-on config 'startup' with 'before' is deprecated. Please report this to the maintainer of ring alarm hassio integration
21-03-10 21:30:22 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.store] Loading add-ons from store: 67 all - 1 new - 0 remove
21-03-10 21:30:53 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.addons] Creating Home Assistant add-on data folder /data/addons/data/5e5dfff6_ring_alarm
21-03-10 21:30:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [supervisor.docker.addon] Invalid build environment, can't build this add-on!

Any advice or guidance on what I need to do?

Talk to the dev of this add-on, it hasn’t been updated for almost 2 years. There are probably a bunch of things that changed since then and the add-on hasn’t been adapted to these changes.

That’s the repo that it’s cloned from that is updated regularly.

Are you sure this add-on was ever intended to work on a pi?

I’ll open an issue there. Being new to this I wasn’t sure if this is a plugin issue or a HA issue as in something i’ve missed perhaps.

facepalm. I was following a guide and it pointed me to that repo. It looks like the one you mentioned DOES have what I need and works. Thanks for the little push in the right direction.

Well. I started with a Linux VM first. And after having no luck I figured i’d try a different platform that wasn’t virtual. So it’s having the same exact issue on both. but the other repo works fine.