Supervisor keeps going "unheathly" - dropping out from being privileged(?)

Why does Supervisord keep going into an “unhealthy” state on my system? Dropping out from being privileged?

This didn’t use to be a problem, but now it seems any time I do anything on my system, HA Supervisor goes into an “unhealthy” state. It was just fine yesterday. However, now it’s “unhealthy” and the only thing I did was update my plex package (apt update -y).

The message is “Supervisor is not privileged” which doesn’t make sense. How does it drop out from being privileged?

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2

My solution has been “reboot” and Supervisor is back to normal. That would mean settings are fine.

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This is not a supported operating system.

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I also saw the same thing and had to ssh into Ubuntu machine running supervised HA to apply updates manually & rebooted - it went away.


That’s a bandaid and unless you fix your system permanently by moving to a real supported setup expect this to break hard soon.

David I have nothing but respect for Debian but you are missing the point so let me explain…

Just because I like trimming my rose garden over the weekend does not imply that I aspire to be a gardener. All of this home automation stuff is just a vocation for me, so I have no problem starting fresh or taking alternate route. But I really like the LTS part of Ubuntu and I think at some point in time HA will have to make its peace with whatever is more popular distro at that time.

No you are missing the point.

You are deluding yourself. This is not going to change to what you want. If you don’t want to accept that then that’s your choice but reality is likely to bite and soon. Ubuntu is already causing grief and I wouldn’t expect that to change.

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Are you sure you are not mistaking Ubuntu for Centos?

Red Hat & Centos had quiet a major shakeup up recently that riled up Centos community for right reasons.

Positive but feel free to keep chasing rainbows and unicorns

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LOL …love your passion on the subject :smiley:

Stay safe and keep it up :pray:

I have no passion on the subject. I don’t care. I switched to the supported install when it was clear.

If you like the lts part of Ubuntu, you’ll love Debian. It’s extremely stable

Same here. I cursed and moaned about it. After all Ubuntu is such s popular os.
Then I got in with it, it took a few hours, and debian works much better and is vastly lighter on resources

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Thanks for your input, really appreciate it!

I am planning to put a rack sever (with no UI and only ssh access) in attic that will run HA amongst many other things such as Zoneminder, log server, NAS.

How would you care to guess the switch/learning curve from Ubuntu to Debian? Just need some pointer and at the end of the day its my call but thanks for chipping in on the subject :clap:

The drop out to is caused by auto update of supervisor. Every time it updates, it checks the system and gives “unhealthy-priviliged” error. I keep up with:

sudo docker restart hassio_supervisor

and you don’t need to restart HA; it corrects the error itself.


Almost no learning curve needed.
Ubuntu is based on Debian.
The only issue I had is I use the same box as a Plex server with a media HDD, in Ubuntu i could just tick a box to shut the drive down automatically if it wasn’t in use. In Debian I had to put a script in place to set this on startup. Pretty easy though.

I run the version of Debian with no GUI.
I installed webmin which gives me a web interface for doing updates etc, when they are needed (usually monthly).
As for the rack in the attic. Does your attic get hot in the summer?

Thanks, really liked the tips and have used Webmin and its pretty cool!

The attic gets hot which is a relative term but yes about 80F in winters and 110 F in Summers but it is covered with insulation, is there a reason you asked?

Was just wondering about your rack being cool enough.
110F may be approaching the Max ambient temperature for some equipment

So i removed all the spinning disks and added a nvme card which seems really fast…almost like ram.

But great point so probably best to monitor temperature for the machine.

Solid state drives make such a difference.
The only spinning drive I have left is that media one.
It only spins while I’m watching a movie on Plex, maybe once a week.

They key word you missed is “officially” - nobody said we can’t come to the community and ask about “unofficial” support.

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