Supervisor not loading [Home Assistant OS + RaspB4]

Good day,

Recently my XiaoMi sensor’s stopped sending in data for my system and I figured out that it might be due to corrupted HassOS. Funny enough, I was still receiving sun.sun data but not my sensor data.

I tried flashing the SD card with the “hassos_rpi4-3.5.img”, which doesn’t have Supervisor yet. Now, I’m having an issue getting the system back online as Supervisor is not loading! I will need to install add-ons such as Zigbee2MQTT etc. I’ve tried with “hassos_rpi4-5.11.img” but no luck. I’m losing quite some data that streams into the database due to this downtime.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB + 32GB Sandisk microSD.
I will try to get more screenshots in HassOS to see if there’s any clue about it.

Are you trying to connect with http or https?