Supervisor not loading / repeated large requests for data

Running homeassistant on a Raspberry PI. After a series of repeated power cuts, two strange things are happening.

  1. The supervisor cannot be loaded on the UI.
  2. The system repeatedly downloads some large amount of data over the internet (which is how I first noticed this).

Details of the system below. I would like to at least backup the configuration but don’t presently have the remote ssh enabled or another way to access the file and can’t initiate the configuration backup anyway without the supervisor. I can access the main console from the device itself as root.

Any suggestions on how to get the remote ssh working and access the backup? I would prefer to not have to rebuild this whole system as setting it up involved a fair amount of work.

thanks, Peter

arch armv7l
chassis embedded
dev false
docker true
docker_version 19.03.12
hassio true
host_os HassOS 4.16
installation_type Home Assistant OS
os_name Linux
os_version 4.19.127-v7l
python_version 3.8.6
supervisor 2022.07.0
timezone America/Phoenix
version 0.117.6
virtualenv false


dashboards 1
mode auto-gen
resources 0