Supervisor notifications stopped showing in HAOS

Recently, after major core update in December I noticed that Supervisor notifications stopped showing. These are notifications you get when, for example, an automation is not set up properly.
I see these in the core log but they do not pop up.
Moreover, if I try to look at the supervisor log, it does not show up and the hole system starts to lag dramatically. Only a reboot helps in this case.
It seems like the supervisor is working, since the updates are monitored and coming
Here is the system info

## System Information

version | core-2023.2.3
-- | --
installation_type | Home Assistant OS
dev | false
hassio | true
docker | true
user | root
virtualenv | false
python_version | 3.10.7
os_name | Linux
os_version | 5.15.61-v8
arch | aarch64
timezone | Europe
config_dir | /config

<details><summary>Home Assistant Cloud</summary>

logged_in | false
-- | --
can_reach_cert_server | ok
can_reach_cloud_auth | ok
can_reach_cloud | ok


<details><summary>Home Assistant Supervisor</summary>

host_os | Home Assistant OS 9.3
-- | --
update_channel | stable
supervisor_version | supervisor-2023.01.1
agent_version | 1.4.1
docker_version | 20.10.18
disk_total | 116.7 GB
disk_used | 45.2 GB
healthy | true
supported | true
board | rpi4-64
supervisor_api | ok
version_api | ok
installed_addons | File editor (5.5.0), MariaDB (2.5.2), Mosquitto broker (6.1.3), Samba share (10.0.0), Terminal & SSH (9.6.1), Zigbee2MQTT (1.30.0-1), ESPHome (2022.12.8), Rhasspy Assistant (2.5.11)


The ha supervisor info command gives info on installed addons and repositories properly

Please advice how do further diagnose the problem and return back Supervisor notifications on errors in automation/scripts?

I can’t say for sure but I don’t think this is related (or maybe it is and it’s just an indication of a broader problem…).

I don’t run a Supervised install and I still have this issue.

see here for additional info: