Supervisor tab missing (Docker)

On my Synology Docker installation the Supervisor tab is missing.
Is it possible to add it manually? How does it work?

You only get the Supervisor if you’re using Home Assistant OS - if you went with Container (native Docker) or Core (pip install) you don’t get it.

Thank you very much for you answer. I would like to download “Tailscale” from Supervisor. Is it possible to install such a “Supervisor Add-On” manually?

As Tinkerer said, you don’t have a supervisor with your install type. You don’t have access to Home Assistant Add-ons. With your install type you are responsible for installing and maintaining Docker containers.

If you want a Tailscale container look for one here: Docker Hub

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Thanks for your answer. What do you mean with that, I can install Tailscale as a separate Docker container on my Synology and can use It with HA Container installation?

yes, but it will be ‘bog standard’ and you’ll have to work out any configuration that’s required to make it work. Mostly, Supervisor add-ons have some pre-configuration, so they work with core and other add-ons.

Thanks for your answer. Do you know the configurations I have to make, when I make it with a separate Docker container? I don’t have a change to install the tailscale package manually on a Container installation?

But you recommend to get it work with Supervisor? For that I have to buy a Raspberry Pi and install the OS version (than Container)?

there may be nothing, there may be lots - I’ve never used tailscale. I used to use a docker install for HA and it varies between applications. As to whether you should move to a Supervisor install, there’s pros and cons.

Supervisor (and HAOS) can be a bit restrictive, they try to lock some stuff down to make it easier for people who want plug and play, more reliable and easier to support, so do the add-ons. So, if it does what you want it’s quicker and easier to use a Supervisor install. If it doesn’t do what you want, it can be tricky / impossible to make it.

For example:
WTH Can’t I mount a Remote Share (NAS, SMB, NFS, etc) in HAOS? - Month of “What the heck?!” - Home Assistant Community (

Anyhow, I use Supervisor now, 'cos I have less time to fiddle, I get what a need and most of what I want anything else I do without.

That’s debatable.

I see threads quite a bit about the Supervisor or OS auto-updating and failing or it causes a breaking change so users need to jump thru hoops to fix it.

I’ve literally never had that happen on my HA Container install.

So if I had to say which is “more reliable” then by definition a HA Container install wins hands down.

I’m not saying that every user experiences unreliability from the OS/Supervised installs but from the forum in general you see WAY more complaints about the Supervisor and OS issues than anything with Container which I can’t even remember seeing one.

A lot less people run container installs according to the analytics page. I’m guessing they are a lot more technically minded than a lot of OS users too. That could be part of the reason for your observation.

For whatever is worth from someone who maintains multiple HAOS installations. HAOS never fails even if you use HACS. You just need to be reasonable to how many things you load/unload over time. If you use a production-level system, where you only use software tested by thousands of users, things never fail.

Most of the issues encountered in the wild are from supervised installations and usually less experienced users breaking something. HAOS is rock solid and can be used for years without breaking.

The most common issue people face, is they use their production system as a test system, with the expectation it behaves like a production system. Similar experience to Windows or Linux. If you treat your production system as a test-bed things will break. If you separate production from test instances things might fail, but extremely rarely.

I have instances of HAOS which have been running for years reliably, even though they get the monthly update treatment. HAOS updates have never failed me.