Supervisor Update Notification/Window - Missing Backup and Skip Options

Simple as the title description, notifications for Supervisor updates are missing the Backup and Skip options available with other updates such as Core.

This causes a persistent notification that can’t be dismissed if one wants to skip an update cycle.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 9.39.43 AM

Backups don’t include supervisor. They include its options like log_level and debug but there is no rollback support. Certainly no partial rollback support like there is with core since everything else depends on supervisor.

You may have noticed that while supervisor is out of date many things are disabled including updates to anything else. That’s because if supervisor releases a new feature other things can immediately start depending on it. Which means its not safe to update, install an addon or add an addon repository (among other things) while supervisor is out of date.

For the same reasons it would never be safe to rollback only supervisor. Theoretically its possible to make a full backup that includes the current version of supervisor and then restoring that in full also rolls back supervisor. There might be other issues since I don’t think this has been looked into but seems plausible at least. But the backup option will never be shown in that pop-up because that makes a partial backup. And its not possible to do a partial restore of just supervisor so you would never include it in a partial backup.

EDIT: Actually even rolling back supervisor as part of a full backup isn’t safe. Since HAOS also needs supervisor to be up to date and the OS isn’t in backups. So yea, definitely work to do if this was going to be tackled.

I guess this is possible if you have auto-updates disabled. Of course keep in mind what I said above, if supervisor is out of date then many other things are restricted. The big ones being you cannot install any other updates or any new addons. So should pressing skip here also skip every other update? Since that is what you will be doing.

Additionally keep in mind that supervisor does not operate like the other repos in HA. It acts as if it is auto-updating (even if that can now be disabled). As such there are no major, minor or patch versions. For example 2022.09.1 is not a patch version of 2022.09.0, its simply the second version in September 2022. Skipping the zero version to wait for the patch version isn’t a thing with supervisor. Every release can have new features, if a release has only bug fixes that’s just a coincidence. There’s no pattern.

I did more reading this morning about Supervisor and realized why those options aren’t offered. It wasn’t obvious before really looking at it that Supervisor wasn’t included in backups. I’d also not realized Supervisor had been auto-updating.

In my case I want to skip a couple of upgrade cycles entirely, so I’ve disabled auto-update for Supervisor (only after it auto-updated to 2022.10). During this time I won’t be installing any add-ons, etc. so I don’t mind turning it back on and then rolling up all the necessary updates at once.

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