Suport for aquara relay New model

Please suport for Xiaomi mijia aquara LLKZMK11LM, this two relay module support swiching vía zigbee and local signal.

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Works in deConz apparently (according to their github page - model LLKZMK11LM), I just bought some to try from Banggood for ~£15 each with voucher code BG1855M

The support on zigbee2mqtt can help to add native on xiaomi_aqara integration?

I got these and can confirm they are working fine with deConz

do you know if i can use it to control blinds?

Not sure, it is basically 2 separate relays and appear in HA as 2 switches.

Hello, I use it with gateway Xiaomi.
There are an interlock fonction, its realy good for run on a store and keep a standard interrupter.

This interlock fonction its configurable, and it is write in hard in the module, (for dont set the up ans down simultaneous).

But I think this fonction is erase if Il pare with deconz?

Can-you confirme me, I dont already but deconz.

Sorry for my english.