Suport for Harman Kardon Omni speakers

Please ad support for Harman Kardon Omnie spekars, thy are cheep an sound really god.
the speakers have mic, bluetooth, wlan.

some work have been done:

i wud be happy to pay for this function

Not sure if it works, but you could try this platform I created:

It is based on the HKAPI library you mentioned

thank for the ide, but it didn’t work :frowning:


long time now, i tried this again, and if i set the port to 10026 then i can wake it and it stats when its awake but i cant control it at all.

do you know if this would be possible to modify so i can use this to adjust the volume and so on? //Regards


I have no Omnie speakers so I cannot test anything. Besides that, after a big Googling I found that the Omni speakers are a completely different product and I don’t see any similarities with the HKAPI besides the Harman Kardon brand.

The Omni speakers seem to have a json-REST endpoint, so it would be fairly easy to talk to those products (in contrast with the AVR products):