Support BroadLink S3 Hub (0xa59c) and TC3 Switch

Please add support for the S3 hub (0xa59c) and the TC3 switch. I have both and am happy to collaborate with a developer, or work on the integration myself if someone can point me in the right direction.

Come to say the same thing, I’m a software dev so happy to help but no clue where to start but really need this integration xD


I am waiting for something in that direction for a long time. Those switches are quite good and it would be really nice if they can be integrated in Home Assistant. I’ve seen a couple of threads already about this but there doesn’t seem to be much action. This is actually the only thing that I haven’t integrated yet in HA

Would love to help if needed.

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I am also a Dev and I am also more than happy to help out. Just saw that there is a feature branch trying to develop the integration for the S3 hub and TC3 switch, if someone can help me to understand the progress of it so far and where to start, I am more than happy to help out


I am also keen to see the S3 hub and the switches added as I have just invested in them in my home. I am no Dev though and my programming days are firmly in the past, though I have been following closely.

The chat you need to be involved in can be found here if you want to contribute.

Any support yet for Broadlink S3 hub ?

No formal integration yet. Not sure if ever this will be adopted into the HA Core and no one seems to be developing a HAC. There is a kludge to make it work via AppDaemon but I have given up on that myself.