Support displaying attributes in entities cards

Currently, attributes on entities are treated like second-class citizens. If you would like to display values from attributes, you’re left with two options:

  • Get the entity-attributes custom lovelace card, which only gives the option to display filtered attributes in a table.
  • Create template sensors for each attribute, which is cumbersome to do, and doesn’t work as expected. Templates are required to have an entity_id to watch a state for updates, but many domains update attributes without actually updating the state. Using sensor.time only updates every minute, however Home Assistant is aware of the attribute changes the moment it happens; the delay is unacceptable.

Please consider supporting adding attributes directly to entities card so they can intermingle between the two.

type: entities
  - sensor.living_room_temperature
  - climate.thermostate.attributes.fan_state

If there is some reason this can’t be done, or isn’t consistent, someone on FB came up with the idea of having a checkbox on the developers states page which would auto create an entity.

It’s a real shame that every HA user that wants to access an attribute has to go through the pain of creating a template sensor, for each attribute.