Support for a Toshiba Smart TV

I noticed that a few other TV’s that use the Smart Alliance TV SDK are supported, and was hoping it might be easy to add a Toshiba smart tv as well. When I search UPNP devices on my Android’s test app, it shows the TV on there. It allows already for it to be turned on, off, volume changed, and content changed as well because it is shown as a ‘UpNp renderer’.

Think this could be easy since other smart tv brands exist?

Anyone have any luck controlling their Toshiba yet?

Bit of an old thread I know but looking to do something similar. Have figured out that the TV has a rest APi aviable at you-tvs-ip:56789/apps/SmartCenter but as I know next to nothing when it comes to coding I’ll be of little help.
Have seen a few places around the web that you can send commands such as
curl “
-d “<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?><key code=“1013”/>”
which should mute the TV but I get nothing but at least it’s somewhere to start after months of trying to find a solutions (even looked into flashing android TV frimware on the TV but didn’t get very far with that)
I managed to find most of this from this thread here:
Toshiba/Medion/Telefunken TV Control Script Ver 0.1 - Domoticz
If anyone has any luck would be really interested in how they did it

With a bit more investigation found that the TV uses the DIAL Protocol.
more info here


Thought I’d do a bit more exploration today. Please bare in mind that I am still learning but have managed to mute and unmute the TV by sending the command bellow:

curl "http://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:56789/apps/SmartCenter" -X POST -d "<remote><key code=1013/></remote>"

a step in the right direction i suppose. How I would go about getting this into a plugin or integration I have no clue

A few more bits I’ve figured out from the script in the link above and some trial and error

Function Code
0 1000
1 1001
2 1002
3 1003
4 1004
5 1005
6 1006
7 1007
8 1008
9 1009
back 1010
ratio 1011
on 1012
mute 1013
presets 1014
lang 1015
Vol up 1016
Vol Down 1017
info 1018
down 1019
up 1020
left 1021
right 1022
Stop 1024
Play 1025
rewind 1027
Forward 1028
??? 1029
??? 1030
sub 1031
prog up 1032
Prog Down 1033
Swap 1034
Audio (stero Dual mono) 1035
??? 1036
close 1037
??? 1038
??? 1039
fav 1040
??? 1041
timer 1042
quick 1043
??? 1044
Channel 1045
web 1046
epg 1047
menu 1048
pause 1049
yellow 1050
rec 1051
blue 1052
ok 1053
green 1054
red 1055
input 1056
media 1057
USB 1059
teletext 1060
??? 1061
YouTube 1062
FreeView Play 1063
Netflix 1064
internet 1065
??? 1066
system menu 1067