Support for Automatic OBD adapter as a tracker or sensor

I’d love to be able to track my car’s Automatic OBD adapter similar to the Torque component. Maybe even access some of the other data available through the API but at the least, use it as a tracking device. There are REST, Streaming and Real-Time Event APIs available. And I’m available for testing anything. :grin:

(I updated this post based on reading more about the Torque component, which is a similar product.)

Info on device here:
Developer access with full API here:

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these OBD sensor things look great, especially for presence detection and… data… i love data.

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May your wish be granted in 0.28


Newbie here … second post.
I haven’t setup HA at this time, but will be doing so shortly. One of the attraction is the support for Automatic Car Adapter. I was wondering what version of the adapter you currently use and maybe get a few ideas on how some of you are using it with automation. I have a Gen 2 on order (just because I couldn’t pass the deal) and was not clear if I could do different location and act on these locations. I am not interested in current location tracking (GPS) but for it to be able to recognize if I am at home, at work, visiting the in-laws etc.


I have a Gen 1 and it works great. To do what you are seeking, you’d have to set up zones for those locations and then you could trigger automations based on entering the zone.

Closing thread as this was added in 0.28.1.